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It all started in 2014: Verena Benz registered a discrepancy in her life: she was already the owner of an organic grocery store for two years, but the clothes she liked from conventional shops were far from being fairly and sustainably produced.

So without further ado she founded LOVJOI - with its own production at the company's location in Dürmentingen, Swabia (district of Biberach). Former refugees also work there in the sewing department. Verena Benz and her team organised family reunions, looked for apartments for them if necessary or helped with bureaucratic hurdles. For the 32-year-old, sustainability begins with her employees. Regular fundraising campaigns are also part of everyday work at LOVJOI.

Founder of LOVJOI

Verena Benz

LOVJOI clothing should cause joy in everyone, whether customer, supplier or employee.

The fashion label now has about 15 employees. All management positions are held by women- some of them part-time. Verena Benz is a mother herself and the issue of balancing family and work as well as the encouragement of women are matters close to her heart.

A lot has happened since 2014: LOVJOI's range now includes classic women's outerwear as well as underwear, jeans, swimwear and even shoes. LOVJOI stands as an elegant label for sustainable couture that aims to complete the identity wardrobe of its customers.

Whether dressed in a statement piece or from blouse to shoe and coat in LOVJOI: With our sustainable ready-to-wear couture styles, LOVJOI supports its strong LOVJOI customers in every situation in life, with the perfect keypieces for their personal Identity Wardrobe. The styles can be combined and used in as many ways as the customers' wardrobes. For every size from XS-XL LOVJOI offers the perfect statement piece to stand out. Sustainable Couture in a class of its own. Fashion that catches the eye, inspires - and meets the highest standards of quality, durability, environmental and manufacturing conditions.


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