HOW TO - How do I find the right bra size


Which bra size suits me?

Before you buy one of our bras, we recommend that you determine your correct size. Unfortunately, people often buy the wrong size bra. This is not only uncomfortable, but often unhealthy!

At LOVJOI we want our bras to fit you perfectly, so take a moment to measure your size.

This is how it works:

1. Measure underbust measurement:

Good to know: The underbust width determines the size of the underbust band and is stated as a number in the size. (for us 70-85)

Stand in front of a mirror in your underwear and place a tape measure around your body just below your breasts. It should sit relaxed. Not too tight and not too loose. Write down the measured value. It is important that you can breathe well. Your bra shouldn't restrict you later .

Underbust circumference to determine the correct bra size

2. Measure upper chest width:

The upper bust width determines your cup size. This is indicated as a letter in the bra size (for us A to H).

Now place the measuring tape around your upper body at the level of your nipple. Here, too, the tape measure should not be placed too tightly around the body. In addition, it should lie straight on its back and be at the same height as the front. Write down the value again.

Measure your chest circumference correctly

3. Size table (you can find this below our products)

Look for your value in the underbust column of the bra size chart. For example, if you measured 79 cm, then you are exactly right in the fourth column with the values ​​from 78 to 82. Now you can choose your size in the order size column.

Stay on the same line. If your underbust measurement is 79, your order size is 80! Now for the cup size: Look for your value in the line where you found your underbust measurement earlier. For example, if your bust measurement is 97 cm, then you have a cup size C. That's it!

4. Your size is sold out? Then go for cross size.

The cross size is a neighborhood size and is therefore either the next smaller or the next larger bra size.

With the cross size, the size of the underbust band changes, which then also changes the cup size accordingly.

To determine your cross sizes, simply select your bra size in the cross size bra size chart and then go diagonally down or up. For example, if you have a 75B, 70C and 80A might also suit you.

Cross sizes for bra purchases